donderdag 14 juli 2011

Susan in Boston

Couldn't help but going back to Boston one last time. I went to visit Susan and her cat Simone in Somerville. She talked me into completing the Freedom Trail in the center of Boston. That's only 3 miles long, but you get to see and hear a lot about the history of the revolution. That all started in Boston, when a lot of patriots were fed up with the extra taxes that the bosses in England were imposing on them. Later it turned out that the English gouvernment just needed all that extra money to finance their war with France. 
Our history with the United States goes back a long time. But the differences between 'us' and 'them', even today, are... interesting. Why does the average US citizen has to stay away from alcohol until the age of 21, but can he or she start driving a car from the age of 16? Why is nudity on tv such a big issue, while porn industry is most lucrative in the US? And why is everyone so openly in favor of weapons, as if that is the thing that will bring salvation and peace in every household? A friend of Susan showed me movies on youtube where you could see how easy it is to go shopping for rifles and become a Sylvester Stallone lookalike in no-time.
On saturday july 9 I leave the heat, the culture, the oversized coffee and all of those nice people I met in the United States behind me and fly back to Belgium, where it's cold and - just admit it - cosy.
Thank you Susan for the nice birthday cake!

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